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Thank you, thank you. So you DON'T think this is a waste of time. Tonight, I have someone who has truly changed what "more fun than a barrel of monkeys" means. I proudly present, Donkey Kong!

DK: Donkey happy to be here.

RW: So, tell me about your new book, Catching Up With a Spinning Barrel.

DK: Donkey talk a lot about Cranky.

RW: Yeah, what's up with Cranky? Is he like that all the time?

DK: Ever since Cranky's social security was lowered, he been very upset. And McDonald's Senior Coffee started tasting like Kremling Oil.

RW: Ah, your age-old enemy comes up. Tell me, why are you so scared of lizards?

DK: You aren't?

RW: I guess not. Well, it's almost time for dinner. Let me just grab my favorite snack.


RW: Hey, get yer grubby paws off my food!!

DK: Kong! Kong! Donkey-Uuuhhh.... I don't feel so good.

RW: Whoa, he slumped out on the floor. Guess you should always have your fruit checked for pesticides. Catch you later on Ringwald the Hamster!