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TWIGG Submission Guidelines:
(Please read before submitting)

Save your creation in JPG format.I have found that it's the smallest file size for the internet.

To get it to me, you can do one of two things:

  • First, if you have a web page, you can simply upload it to your server space and email (see link at end of these guidelines) me the URL I could get it at (ie, This is the preferred option.
  • Or, you could email it to me as an attachment. If you do this, please restrict the size of each individual email posting. Anything too big will be deleted by my e-mail service, and I will send you an email asking you to resize it.It just boils down to common courtesy. Sometimes I have to crop and/or resize your submissions down to an even smaller file size before posting it; I want this page to load reasonably fast and I have to conserve space.

  • If I post your image, I will credit it with whatever name you use for email (unless you specify otherwise) and your email address, via a "mailto:" link. I will also link to your web page if you so request. If your email address/web page changes after your submission has been posted, it is your responsibility to inform me.
  • Your submission may or may not be acknowledged when I receive it, but if I post it you WILL be notified at the time of an update. I try my best to update at least once a month, depending on how busy I am.
  • As you get ideas for what to send in, please keep in mind that I will NOT post anything that would be too racy and/or violent to be shown in a T or M rated video game.
  • Not all pictures will be put up on the site, either because of quality or space allowed. As webmaster of this site, I will sometimes edit a picture I recieve for any reason if I see it neccessary.
  • If you're new to making TWIGG pictures, you should visit the Guidelines section. You will see short descriptions of what should and shouldn't be done when making an ideal TWIGG picture.
  • I reserve the right to change these rules at any time, for any reason. It is your responsibility to check back on this page to see what's new. If you read this whole submission guideline page and you have a picture you want to see posted on this page Click HERE to Submit.

Frequently Asked Questions:  (please consult before emailing me)

Q: What is TWIGG?
A: TWIGG is short for Twisted, Weird, Imaginative Gaming Gallery. TWIGG is devoted to creating funny and/or strange pictures of video game characters, old and new alike.

Q: Who is the webmaster of this site?
A: I'm Toadmon. I love Photoshoping video game characters, so I have a lot of pictures posted in my gallerys.

Q: Who was TWIGG's original webmaster?
A: A guy called Gamefox. He ran the site from Spring 2000 - June 29, 2001, until giving it up in favor of other projects. Not wanting to let the site die, the staff of Nintendo All-Stars Homeworld, TWIGG's sister site, took over for Gamefox, and integrated the site into NASHW. Gamefox's submissions can still be seen throughout TWIGG.

Q: What is some background on TWIGG?
A: Before creating TWIGG, Gamefox ran a Nintendo 64 fansite called Area 64, which featured reviews and previews of Nintendo 64 games. Area 64 launched in early 1999. Later, in Spring 2000, Gamefox changed Area 64's format into a game photoshopping gallery, where fans could submit their photoshopped screenshots/game-related pictures, and they would be posted on the site's galleries. The site's name was changed to TWIGG in Summer 2000, and joined forces with NASHW as sister sites, until it was turned over to Toadmon and integrated into NASHW.

Q: Can I link to your site?
A: Of course! On the net, you can link to anyone you want.

Q: Where did you get the idea for this page?
A: Gamefox loved going to this awesome site called, "You can't do that on Star Trek." And I was wishing there was a site like it but all about video game characters. So it hit me to just start my own page on it. Now it's getting to be a large site, and it's all thanks to "YouCant." Thanks guys!

Q: Why do you have so many Pokémon pictures?
A: Gamefox felt that Pokémon are a little too cute for their own good, and sometimes wanted to make some pictures of Pokémon just because they deserve it. Since then, making Pokémon pictures has become a popular theme on TWIGG. You don't have to make Pokémon pictures, Gamefox (and RedLink) just like to make them.

Q: How can I create images for TWIGG?
A: If you have a program like Paintshop Pro or Adobe Photoshop, such images can be made quite easily. If you do not have such a program, click here to download Paintshop, which I used to create almost all of my pictures. I cannot give a comprehensive tutorial on image editing, but I will tell you that the most important tools are the lasso and the clone brush. To find a video game image you wish to butcher, there are tons of image archives across the net. A good starting place is the search engine here.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of pictures I can submit?
A: No. You may submit as many pictures as you want to TWIGG, as long as the meet the submission criteria.

Q: Can more than one person recieve credit for a picture?
A: Yes. I will credit a picture to more than one person upon request, as long as you keep the number of names to a reasonable limit. All names will be added to the hall of fame.

Q: Can I create a TWIGG picture from a game off any system?
A: Yes. At TWIGG, we accept pictures of games from any system, from the Atari 2600 to the XBox. If you can get a screenshot and photoshop the picture, we can post it. You've probably noticed that most of the pictures at TWIGG are from Nintendo, Sony, and Sega consoles, but that's mainly because those consoles are more widely known, and easier to get screenshots from.

Q: Who makes the captions for the pictures?
A: Many captions were made by either Gamefox or myself. In several cases, the captions were written by the person who made the picture, as detailed below. Others have had captions written by winners of the Picture of the Month contest.

Q: If I send you a picture, can I suggest a caption along with it?
A: Yes. If you send a picture, and have a caption that you want to add to it, you may suggest that as well. However, due to content, size, or other reasons, I will not neccessarily use a caption. I may also change the caption later if needed. Also remember that all pictures are subject to the picture of the month contest, in which case the current caption for a selected picture will be changed. If you are a winner of the picture of the month contest, I will not change a winning caption unless it is absolutely necessary.

Q: Can more than one person recieve credit for a caption?
A: Yes. As with picture submissions, more than one person may recieve credit for a caption if the number of names is kept to a reasonable limit. Be sure to notify me, either via the contest submission page or e-mail, that you want more than one person to recieve credit for the picture.

Q: How do you select the picture of the month?
A: I usually will ask a random person to suggest the picture of the month. Occassionally, I do it myself. If you want to suggest a future picture of the month, e-mail me.

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