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Making TWIGG Pictures

There are an untold number of different photoshopping programs out there, and it would be impossible to write tutorials for them all. However, TWIGG pictures can be created using virtually any of these, from something as simple as MS Paint, to a complex program like Adobe Photoshop. Here, we'll provide some basic guidelines for what to do, and not do, in a TWIGG picture.

1: Basic do's and don'ts

1- If you send a picture by e-mail, please send it in .jpg or .jpeg form. These files take up the least amount of space on our server, and can be viewed by all computers and web browsers. However, if you post pictures on your own webspace, and send me the URL, you can save them in any readable, such as a .gif. Keep in mind, however, that they will be converted to .jpgs. See the submission guidelines for more info.

2- We will accept most any pictures we recieve. However, the TWIGG staff has the right to reject any picture for reasons involving copyrights, content, or any other reason. We will not post pictures that have had little or no adjustments made to them. Also, the TWIGG staff may adjust your pictures, due to content, size, or for other reasons.

3- Above all, have fun creating.

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