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Thank you, thank you. I'm happy to say that Donkey Kong is doing quite, well, and he should be able to take visitors any day soon. My guest right now is Juno, of the famous Jet Force Gemini Team!

JN: Yep, I'm about the greatest space adventurer in the galaxy.

RW: Juno...Is that name Italian?

JN: My parents, who ran afoul of pirates, by the way, named me after the 3rd constellation of the Andromeda Sector in Redla 8 Quad. It also happened to be their favorite cheese.

RW: That's more than I wanted to know. I'm sure our viewers agree!

JN: Hey man, I just answered your stupid lousy worthless question.

RW: So, Jet Force is really important to you.

JN: It's only the most important job in the entire universe.

RW: Yep, that must be pretty important. What do you do?

JN: Do what?

RW: On the job? What do you do?

JN: Oh, I uh, drink coffee.

RW: Coffee?

JN: Yeah. Starbucks. And my sister watches monitors.

RW: Is that all?

JN: Yeah. And I smash bugs.

RW: I see.

JN: Big bugs. Heh Heh.

RW: Like that one over there?

JN: Where? I don't see- BWAAAAAA!!

RW: Are you okay?


RW: Hey, you killed it! I guess you'll need medical attention though. A CAT scan wouldn't hurt either. See you next time, right here on Ringwald the Hamster!