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Really, no applause needed. Just send money. Tonight we have a master horseback rider, a skilled swordsman, and a guy with a big hat all in one. May I present the one and only, Link!

LN: Likewise, dude.

RW: So, how many times have you saved Hyrule?

LN: Let me think. How many games have I done now?

RW: You can't mean that many!

LN: My second game I only saved it from a way short dumb little dude with a stick,
but I guess he counts. I had this really stupid gameboy cart, where I woke up in Kansas and it was all a dream. Epona was never happier.

RW: I'll bet Ganon is getting a ton of lumps on that huge head of his.

LN: The truth is, I can't fight.

RW (gasping in horror): REALLY?!?

LN: Yeah. They always have this stunt double guy. Too bad. I'd love to do that way
groovin' upper cut bash.



RW: I guess he should have practiced a little bit before doing that in the studio. A injury like that could really hurt.

LN (Sword sticking out of his head): Like, ow, man.

RW: Maybe we'd better cut the show so you can have that cut looked at. I guess that means we don't have any more show for you. G'night, folks!