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4/9/02-A much needed update to TWIGG. I'll have those reviews very soon, but I just realized that TWIGG had been a bit neglected and wanted to get that done right away.

4/6/02-Again, I apologize for the lack of updates. I went on a short-notice vacation that lasted a long time. I plan on returning to regular updates this month. Today there is a major update on the cameos section, and one new link to the Nintendo Fan Web. Next update (possibly tomorrow), I will have some new reviews.

3/14/02-Sorry for the long wait in updating. I needed a break from the site, and I had some finals at school. I've completed the Arcade game lists for Mario, Metroid, Yoshi, and F-Zero. Thanks to Killer List of Video Games for help with this. I will try to prepare a bigger update this weekend.

2/27/02-Just wanted to announce the return of TWIGG's M-Mission. Go there for details.

2/23/02-There is new cameo information for Mario Is Missing. I've also made a past updates log for that section.

2/18/02-StarTropics 2 has been reviewed and added to the Mario games page. There is one new cameo, and some other updates to that section. The FAQ has been updated with several new questions. And I've made a Help page. Go there if you want to help NASHW.

2/16/02-Mario Golf has been reviewed by BlueYoshye, and a new cameo has been added to the cameo files.

2/13/02-First, check out TWIGG and the 200th picture celebration. Then, go see the newest cameo.

2/9/02-First of all, there are two new reviews - Diddy Kong Racing, by Gamefox, and Hey You! Pikachu, by Shadow Archon. Also, there are eight new cameo files, and the links page has been fixed with some dead links removed.

All the old What's New entries from August '01-January '02 have been archived. I have no idea what happened to all the what's new entries I had from November '00-July '01, but they're gone. Doh.

2/5/02-Two new reviews - Paper Mario and Super Smash Bros. Melee. Some of the games pages have been updated...nothing special. And there is complete cameo information for the Virtual Boy in the cameos, thanks to A link to them soon, once I fix the links page.

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