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Welcome to TWIGGallery number 13. Feel free to examine all the pictures we have to offer. Some of the characters you can see in this TWIGGallery are Knuckles, Leon, Pika, Kirby, and Jill.

Nintendo picture by Ness
Knuckles: who wants some, you paper cut-outs?
Mario: I really need to look over my contract about this.
Text by Watcher Prime

Nintendo picture by Ness
Well, they DID say Starfox 2 would be different.

Nintendo picture by Dunkinbean
Pika's going to get his brains scrambled (rescrambled?) by aliens.

Nintendo picture by Dunkinbean
The Skedar take off there mask...

Nintendo picture by RedLink
By the third Scream movie they were getting really desperate for new actors.

Sega picture by Toadmon
Unfortunately for this guy, the dog was faster.

Nintendo picture by Toadmon
Bowser, you traitor!

Nintendo picture by Wmitc98512
Sick of Diddy? Now you can replace him with another DK!

Nintendo picture by Ness
This is what happens when you don't pay Metal Mario that 50 bucks you owe him.

Nintendo picture by Ness
I wonder if you can get a Nintendo learners permit?