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Welcome to TWIGGallery number 16. Feel free to examine all the pictures we have to offer. Some of the characters you can see in this TWIGGallery are Megaman, Link, Zero, Shadow, and Dr. Robotnik.

Nintendo Picture by ZNess
Hard to imagine Smash Bros. on the NES.

Sega Picture by Ness
"Hey taxi...grr, it's because I'm black, isn't it?"

Nintendo Picture by BlueYoshye
Never get caught sneaking into Bomberman's secret stash.

Sega Picture by Shadow Archon
Sonic finally convinced knuckles to try Starbucks coffee.

Nintendo Picture by Shadow Archon
It may take a long time to pull it off, but swallowing heavy lobster has benifits.

Nintendo Picture by Shadow Archon
The international society of villians summit is taking a lunch brake.

Nintendo Picture by Ness
Text by Redlink

Nintendo Picture by Donemany
Mario and co can't resist a cameo.

Nintendo Picture by Donemany
After so many close calls, Mario made a little investment.

Nintendo Picture by Realgtx
Mario decides to make a little money off Space Channel 5.