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Welcome to TWIGGallery number 19. Feel free to examine all the pictures we have to offer. Some of the characters you can see in this TWIGGallery are Megaman, Ness, Popeye, Toad, and Kirby. If you have a funny picture you'd like to see on TWIGG, send it to

Sega Picture by Will
When it comes to catching Pokemon, Megaman means business.

Nintendo Picture by John
Ash's game of hot potato got out of hand by the time he used the lighter.

Nintendo Picture by Joeadvance
Ness's Childhood pranks go a little to far...

Nintendo Picture by Toadmon
If Popeye had only known that all Fatty wanted was an autograph...

Playstation Picture by Toadmon
The Gran Turismo games never seem to run out of hidden cars.

Nintendo Picture by Dunkinbean
You can tell Nintendo is desperate at trying to force every penny out of little kids for Pokemon products.

Nintendo Picture by Dunkinbean
The latest announcements about the Legend of Zelda on Gamecube are sure to disappoint gamers even more.

Nintendo Picture by Realgtx
"No, I'm too young to die!"

Nintendo Picture by Ness
Earthbound Combo Platter

Nintendo Picture by Gamefox
Hey, you're right! This IS much better than Warp Stars!
Text by MadKow